@harri_ettaa ‘s birthday #cake :)

Head over to fat frocks.com for a chilli chutney recipe #food #recipe

So happy with my meringue kisses ❀

So happy with my meringue kisses ❀ #baking

Having a day of baking and listening to Radio 2. What have I become?!

Getting crafty, making bunting and table decorations for @harri_ettaa ‘s birthday tea party on Monday.

Came home from work and @martyncleverly had bought and assembled this. Got somewhere to out my ‘to read’ pile now 😊

Picute Post, November 1942.
If you’re in Cardiff pop into my library to see ‘Women in Trousers: A Visual Archive’ curated my Dr Becky Munford.

Cardiff people, been to @marksandspencer Capital (Leckwith) yet? They have a new beauty dept and a new look store.Looking forward to trying these out. #bbloggers #Cardiff

Buttons decided that @martyncleverly ‘s back would be a cool place to hang out. #bunniesofinstagram

Sookie, the day she first came to live with me ❀❀❀ #Labrador

My shiny red bike from @martyncleverly :) 🚲

On threats and attempts to intimidate


I always wanted to take on the prevailing dogma on both domestic and foreign affairs. I knew that this could only ever be a limited and modest contribution, because it’s not individuals who change the world, but people grouping together to exert pressure through collective action. Neither did I…

It’s raining and I have to go to work on my birthday but at least my @boden_clothing dress arrived on time.

It looks like a child made it :( I don’t have decorating skills. #cake